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The world needs to hear your voice. Media criticism and writing needs more diverse voices, and The Fairy Gaymother Initiative aims to mentor and create a networking system for new voices in media and pop culture writing. Media writing helps shape how we see the world, and if we aren't telling our own stories, we are missing critical voices.

Writer and editor Dana Piccoli earned the nickname The Fairy Gaymother a few years ago and has been working hard ever since to live up to the title. Launching the initiative has been a goal of Dana's since 2018 and she's thrilled to finally be able to put it out into the world. This initiative will help teach important skills that every aspiring LGBTQ+ writer should know, but doesn't often get taught: how to pitch, developing a style all your own, networking, connecting with LGBTQ+ and writers' organizations, building a portfolio and social media following.

Do you want to write about LGBTQ+ media and pop culture and want to learn more? Do you already write about media/entertainment/pop culture and want to share your knowledge and expertise with new writers? Then contact The Fairy Gaymother and let's make LGBTQ+ media a more exciting, intersectional and diverse place.

The Fairy Gaymother Initiative : Welcome
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