• Dana Piccoli

5 underrated LGBTQ shows that need your support

We live in a world where ratings matter even more than they did a few years ago. With so much competition from streaming services to channel-specific on-demand content, it’s even more important to support shows with LGBTQ characters if you want them to stick around. Let the cancellation of Teenage Bounty Hunters be a lesson to us all. Here are shows that need your support (i.e., your viewing) so we can look forward to more seasons!

The L Word: Generation Q (Showtime): Y’all cannot sleep on a massively queer-women-centric Showtime show, led by queer women and starring a mostly queer cast. The ratings for Season 1 were enough to get this reboot a second season, but overall, they are pretty low. So, sure, Gen Q doesn’t quite have the same bite as the original. Still, it has its own charms, especially in the core three’s friendship (Bette, Alice, and Shane) and some stellar supporting characters like Jamie Clayton as Tess and Sepideh Moafi as Gigi.

Batwoman (The CW): Yeah, this show has been through a lot in its short tenure. Losing original star, Ruby Rose was a big blow for many fans who may or may not want to tune in now. I’m sending out the Bat-signal now to ask you to please tune in and give new star Javicia Leslie the chance she deserves. She’ll be supported by a solid cast, including Rachel Skarsten, Megan Tandy, and Camrus Johnson. New Bat, same Bat-channel.

Veneno (HBO Max): If you haven’t started watching HBO Max’s, stop reading this right now and fire up the Max. Based on the true-life story of Spanish trans icon Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez, this show has a substantial trans cast and tells their stories with love and deep respect. You’ll adore Lola Rodríguez as Valeria, the young trans writer tasked with writing a book about the outrageous Cristina’s life.

Special (Netflix): Ryan O'Connell writes and stars in this dramedy based on his real-life adventures in dating and self-discovery. O’Connell plays Ryan Hall, a young gay man with cerebral palsy trying to balance his new independence (he’s recently moved out of his mom’s house) with his career and love life. It’s tender and authentic and well worth the time to watch the brief 15-minute episodes. Season 2 is heading to Netflix sometime in 2021.

Hightown (STARZ): I’m still not over STARZ’s VIDA cancellation, but there is a little solace in getting a second season of the messy and captivating Hightown. Out queer actress Monica Raymund plays Jackie, a down and out fisheries agent who gets embroiled in a drug-trafficking murder investigation. When Jackie isn’t trying to play hero, she’s struggling with her addiction to alcohol and sex. Jackie has many a one-night stand but also pines for her ex-girlfriend.

What shows do you think can’t be missed this season?

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