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An unlikely lesbian hero rises in truTV's "Tirdy Works"

Mary Winchenbach may not be the hero we asked for, but she's certainly the hero we need right now. Mary is the owner of Tirdy Works, a company in small-town Maine that specializes in poop craft (more on that later) and your soon to be new reality TV obsession. She stars in the truTV show "Tirdy Works" about her passion for moose poop, and how it's actually helping the people of her beloved town and putting Somerville on the map for, well, interesting reasons.

Mary is an old school New England butch lesbian with a partner of fourteen years and three foster children. Not exactly who you'd expect to become a reality star, but then again, Mary's never been one for the traditional route. Mary collects moose droppings, and turns them into farts and crafts. Apologies, arts and crafts. Everything from goofy tchotchkes to clocks to earrings, and yes, you can buy them online. Her business helps employ a number of folks in the town of just five hundred, including her teenage neighbor Dale, "the bitch on the hill" Tammi, and Courtney, a handyman who happens to be deaf.

You may be wondering how the heck an older lesbian from the Boonies with a knack for making art out of crap managed to get her own reality show. Well, Mary had a video about the biz go viral, and there was something about her love of flannels, family and poop (along with her dry sense of humor) that captivated audiences. Now truTV will be bringing us unique her story, and the story of the people of Sommerville, starting May 5th.

We so rarely get to see butch lesbians, let along mature butch lesbians, featured in media, that this show about poop, is actually a breath of fresh air.

Tirdy Works is available on truTV beginning May 5th, at 10pm ET.

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