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  • Dana Piccoli

Celebrate Pride with a little something special for your pets

It's that time of year again where the world becomes plastered in rainbows, from designer vodkas to car insurance. While "rainbow capitalism" can feel perfunctory when coming from a company who is just looking to secure those pink dollars, there are some companies putting some serious cash of their own into LGBTQ-centric campaigns. When it comes to pet supply businesses, Petsmart, Petco and Boots and Barkley have all been working with the LGBTQ community and organizations for some time. Here are some totally adorable Pride items you can pick up for your pooches and furballs, where money is going back into the community.


10% of proceeds from Petco's Pride sales go to The Trevor Project, a vital LGBTQ organization. This appears to be the first year that the trans flag is being represented in the collection. Petco also has a diversity and inclusion mission that includes internal employee resource groups. Check them out here.


Petsmart's You are Loved line is bringing the rainbows in abundance. The big box store is donating $100,000 to GLSEN this year from sales of these products. This collection of pet toys and accessories are bright, fun and inclusive.

Boots N Barkley

Boots N Barkley's collection for Target's #TakePride is smaller than its competitors but has some really special pieces like the Love is Love cat house, which we call the LGBTQ Cat Center in our house. A little more boutique in feeling, you'll find some great pieces. Target has been supporting GLSEN for a decade now, which works to support and inspire LGBTQ inclusion and awareness for students K-12.

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