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Don't miss "Mare of Easttown" and the mystery's interesting lesbian storyline

I know, it's disappointing. Mare of Easttown is straight. Despite the flannels and general everything about her, Mare Sheehan (played by the queer-adjacent Kate Winslet) is just a detective and mom, trying to catch a killer and a couple of Rolling Rocks when she can. However, if you haven't been watching the HBO limited series, you are missing out on Mare's daughter Siobhan (Angourie Rice) - an arty, undercutted teen who has a girlfriend, a band, and a chip on her shoulder the size of Chester County. (Yes, I have Pennsylvania jokes.)

When a local teenager Siobhan's age is murdered in their working-class town, her mother Mare is assigned the case. There's little connection between the mother and her queer daughter once grief fills their modest home after the death of Siobhan's older brother. While Mare pours herself into her work, Siobhan grows closer to her father, future step-mother and her live-in grandmother, Helen (the impeccable Jean Smart). Bound for bigger and better places, Siobhan is just trying to have as close to normal of a life as possible before she heads off to college and puts Easttown in her rear-view mirror for good.

Spoilers ahead:

Siobhan's relationship with her girlfriend Becca begins to deteriorate when it becomes clear to Siobhan that the two aren't on the same path. When a live concert at the college radio station brings Anne (Kiah McKirnan) into Siobhan's orbit, she's drawn to Anne's ambition and confidence. It's not too long before all three young women's lives collide.

Mare of Easttown doesn't go for the typical coming out teen storyline with Siobhan. It's been established well before we meet the Sheehans that Siobhan is a lesbian and Mare, Helen and her father support her. We see Siobhan experience her queerness as a part of her every day, as comfortable to her as many silver rings she wears on her fingers.

For lovers of mystery and crime, Mare of Easttown is filled with jaw-dropping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat each episode. The fractured yet tender nature of Siobhan and Mare's relationship, plus Siobhan's storyline, is another reason you should make Mare must-see tv.

Mare of Easttown airs on HBO Sundays at 10pm ET.

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