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Exclusive: Here's the premiere of Ryan Cassata's new song and video, "Sober"

Queer Media Matters is proud to premiere singer/songwriter Ryan Cassata's new song/video, "Sober." Cassata is an award-winning musician who has mastered the art of Youtube as well. His song "Daughter" has hit the coveted one million view mark on Youtube just this past week. Congrats!

Much like Cassata's other songs, "Sober" hits close to home and has a deep emotional core. According to Ryan, "'Sober' is inspired by some of my friends that are still out there using drugs. As a sober person, 6 years clean, it often feels like a wall is up when I'm talking to a friend that is deep in their addiction. After losing so many friends to overdoses, there's a fear there...that I'm going to lose another friend to drugs and alcohol. This song follows the theme of my song "Heroin Nation" which is about the opiate/heroin epidemic in my hometown."

Watch and listen to "Sober" right here.

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