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  • Dana Piccoli

Get your undercut and LGBTQ swoon on with new webseries "The D Cut"

Imagine a place where everyone is super queer, super cute, and has super cool hair. That place is a reality with Canadian webseries, The D Cut. Available on Crave in Canada and KindaTV for the rest of us, The D Cut follows hairstylist and total heartthrob D (Marie Marolle) and her friends and clients as they try to keep D's salon from losing its space. See, D uses the back of Mum's (Marlee Walchuk) bike shop for her salon, and well, rent is high and bikes aren't selling like they used to.

D's salon is all queer, all the time, and she practically gives away epic queer haircuts. (She's not about capitalism, she's about sweet sweet queer hairstyles.) Her right-hand folks are Quinn (Libby Osler) and Liam (Vlad Alexis) who infuse the shop, and D's very chill world, with lots of energy and excitement. When Viva (Amrit Kaur) stops by the salon, she's instantly smitten with D, and the feeling is mutual. As these two try to gather up the courage to take things a step further, life (and exes) get in the way.

Not unlike the Carmilla series relationship with Kotex, The D List producer Shaftsbury has partnered with Dove Hair to make The D Cut. Product placement makes sense and a few minutes into this fun series, it all feels pretty seamless. It's also interesting to see a big corporation like Dove's parent company Unilever, take an active and exciting financial interest in LGBTQ media, and not just during pride season.

Directed by DW Waterson (That's My DJ) The D Cut features a great ensemble who are instantly likable and you'll be rooting for D and her team in no time. The cast is wonderfully diverse, with actors of color at the center of the story. A number of the cast and crew also identify as LGBTQ+ including leading actor Marolle, who is non-binary.

Queer hair and style are such an important part of queer culture and it's so nice to see that explored in this series: from icy femme's with ombre bobs to non-binary amateur astrologers with bubblegum curls, to sleek and sexy cuts that make you feel good in your own skin. The D Cut has them all.

Check out the first few episodes of The D Cut now on KindaTV.

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