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Grab your corsages, we're going to "The Prom"

Did you get to go to prom with the person you really wanted to? That's all Emma Nolan wants to do in the Broadway musical/Ryan Murphy Netflix extravaganza The Prom. The much hyped musical movie just released its first official trailer and it looks like a hell of a good time. Check it out.

The film adaptation stars heavy hitters like Meryl Streep as down on her luck Broadway diva Dee Dee Allen, James Cordon as Broadway star Barry Glickman, Nicole Kidman and Andrew Rannells as actors Angie Dickinson and Trent Oliver. When this quartet of actors desperatedly need something to revitalize their stalling careers, they discover that a young lesbian in Indiana named Emma (newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman) has been denied the right to attend prom with her girlfriend Alyssa (Ariana DeBose). So, they pack it all up and head to Indiana to fight for Emma's rights (and get some free airtime for themselves). Also in this stellar cast: Keegan-Michael Key as the loveable principal that supports Emma, and Kerry Washington as Alyssa's mom.

The Prom is a lot of fun, but also full of tender and meaningful moments. You can watch The Prom officially on Netflix begining Decemeber 11th.

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