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Help save NYC's lesbian bars with these terrific tees

Lesbian and queer women-centric bars have been struggling for years. With only sixteen left in the country, they are an endangered species, to say the least. The pandemic has made the situation even more dire, with many of those bars remaining closed until they can run at capacity, and struggling to keep the lights on.

CubbyHole, Henrietta Hudson's and Ginger's Bar are the last three bar for queer women in New York City, a place that has been especially hard hit with Covid-19. Each bar has been doing what they can to keep some cash-flow coming in, with crowdfunding, merch sales, and donation. New York artist Acks has created some fabulous shirts that benefit these three bars. You can pick up a variety of styles of shirts, with the bar name on the front, and a beautiful rendering of the building facade on the back.

The #SaveOurSpaces has already raised over $8000 for the three bars. The shirt campaign runs for another week, so if you want one of these amazing limited time shirts, and help these historic and vital spaces, you still have a few days to get in on it.

Pick up one or all of these shirts on Bonfire.

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