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Hey gays, it's sweater (well, sweatshirt) weather

As we enter month 700 hundred of Covid-19, it's time to shift from tees and tanks into the comfy warmth of sweaters and sweatshirts. Since we can't see each other in person, no one will even know if you spilled Pumpkin Spice Latte all over yourself. Live in the moment, people! Embrace the spice! Here are some warm and fuzzy sweatshirt wares from LGBTQ-owned businesses we can wear as the temperatures dip.

Black Full Service David Hoodie by HOMOCO

This collaboration between This is Amit and The Tom of Finland Foundation is a limited-time celebration of what would be the famous gay artist's 100th birthday. Soft AND sexy!

Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger Sweatshirt by Flavnt

Flavnt is owned by LGBTQ twin siblings and has some terrific pieces. This motto is one that we could all use to remember on those difficult days.

Wild Feminist Fleece by Wildfang

This relaxed-fit, pullover fleece carries Wildfang's signature Wild Feminist sentiment. You may not see but the small print says, "F*cking with Gender Stereotypes since 2013" Just one thing, Wildfang: please expand your sizes. We love your stuff and want everyone to feel like they can rock some Wildfang.

Valentine M. Smith's Spooky Gay Hoody by Gay Apparel

Some of my fav shirts come from Gay Apparel, and their Valentine M. Smith collabs are top-shelf. Get into the spooky season with this adorable gay and spooky pumpkins. We're Queer, We're Gourds, Get Used to It.

Maroon Zip-Up by Dapper Boi

Who doesn't love a simple and comfy zip-up? This queer-owned brand has been making gender-neutral clothes for years and is still at the top of their game.

Logo Hoodie by The Phluid Project

You'll be a dream in cream in this logo sweatshirt from The Phluid Project, an organization that is all about embracing gender identity and expression.

Free by Nature Hoodie by Stuzo

Stuzo is style and you'll look amazing in this hand-printed sweatshirt from gay-owned Stuzo. Gotta love the description too, "Freedom is a state of mind, body and soul.  Express it with this gender-free hoodie."

BLOOM Pullover Hoodie by Dfntpigeon

Dfrntpigeon is just recently on my radar but I'm so glad it is now. This brand is an "apparel + lifestyle brand run by portland's marginalized youth" and has some very cool designs you'll want to check out. This sweatshirt includes a poem called "Bloom" and is designed by @angeldrippinghoney.

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