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Oreo's Proud Parent video will get you in the feels

Since 2012, Oreo has been working and supporting the LGBTQ+ community from their rainbow Oreo ads to a theme song by Tegan and Sara, to their current partnership with PFLAG National. PFLAG is "the nation's largest family and ally organization" and has changed the hearts and minds of many a family and friend over its four decades in operation. Oreo has teamed up with PFLAG this year for its #ProudParent campaign, sending rainbow Oreos around the country to supportive allies and family members. Along with the campaign is the Proud Parent video, which with knock you right in the feels.

The three-minute-long video features a young queer woman who is bringing her girlfriend home to meet her family for the first time. While her mother immediately embraces her partner, her dad is distant and doesn't say much while the women are visiting. It's not until the couple gets some dirty looks from a neighbor that dad takes a moment to really look inside and perform a big gesture for his daughter. Grab a tissue, a glass of milk, and an Oreo for this, people.

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