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Outfest 2020: "Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story" will be music to your ears

Beverly Glenn-Copeland has had a fascinating life. He's one of the greatest musical innovators you've never heard of, but here's hoping this documentary changes that. Beverly Glenn-Copeland, called Glenn by his friends, is a septuagenarian musical genius who is now having the best time of his career, selling out concert halls and clubs. But this success was a long time coming. In the documentary, director Posy Dixon and Glenn recall his musical upbringing in the States, his classical beginnings at McGill University, and his self-released Keyboard Fantasies. Back in 1986, when Glenn made the album, he integrated synth and computer sounds, creating an album ahead of its time. In the last thirty years, the album only sold around fifty copies, but that was until it was discovered by a Japanese record seller and reissued to much excitement. Now Glenn is touring the world with his band of Canadian hipster musicians and finally getting the credit he deserves for this genre-defying album.

Glenn's story is much more than one long-forgotten album, however. He was one of the first black students at McGill University in the 1960s, was part of the women's music scene in the 70s, and transitioned in the early 80s. After his transition, Glenn essentially disappeared from the public eye for more than a decade, moving to Northern Ontario, getting married and having a family. Now Glenn has returned to the stage, his voice like honey coating the eager ears of audiences around the world. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more charming and loving figure to build a documentary around than Glenn. His music is also now available wherever you buy and listen to music, including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Covid hit Glenn's family extremely hard and with the cancellations of his upcoming tour, so you can support Glenn by purchasing his albums and pre-ordering his new release here.

Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story is playing now until August 26th on Outfest.

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