• Dana Piccoli

Outfest 2020: "Peach" and "Flex" are two comedy shorts you can't miss

As part of Outfest 2020's Shorts Selection: Gag of the Season, we are treated to 10 delightful comedic shorts. While I recommend checking out the full roster, two shorts really hit me in the feels and the funny bone.

Peach is an Australian short co-directed and co-written by Rowan Devereux and Sophie Saville, and tackles the age-old lesbian question: is this actually a date? After Sarah meets a woman she likes at a party, she's vexed about if the woman, who the film calls Peach, is actually into her, or just wants to be friends. However, Sarah is too nervous and smitten to ask her outright and their evening together is a comedy of errors of mixed signals, blatant come-ons, and awkward self-sabotage. Newbie Rose Haining is a total delight as the frazzled Sarah, and while the premise might seem downright silly to some, this is an actual issue with queer women! Perhaps Peach will inspire some queer women out there to take the plunge and you know, just ask.

Writer/actor Charles Gould stars in the charming short Flex, as a man in his 30s who decides to finally explore his bisexuality after his long term girlfriend breaks up with his. Initially bereft at the thought of losing his girlfriend, the adorkable Charles decides to get back into the dating scene, but everything changes when he changes his profile to Seeking Men. A flashback to Charles in 1999 shows that his attraction to men manifested with those ubiquitous Bowflex commercials. The Bowflex man even appears to grown-up Charles and encourages him to take the leap into a hookup with a ruggedly handsome medical student. Funny, fresh, and fabulous, Flex comes highly recommended.

You can catch Peach, Flex, and the other comedy shorts now through August 23rd on Outfest Now.

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