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Queer and Comfy: Loungewear from queer owned companies for your at-home self

I haven't worn pants in weeks. Well, I mean, real pants. It's been all drawstrings and elastic waistbands since March, and I'm really feeling myself. I've also been thinking about how we can support LGBTQ+ business owners while wrapping ourselves in a cocoon of comfort. Shit may be scary, but at least these clothes are soft. Check out this loungewear from queer-owned brands.

TomboyX’s Boxer Briefs

I’ve been living in TomboyX for months now. Their sports bras give my spirit (and other things) a much-needed lift. Their underwear is also a gift from the gay gods. Soft, yet durable, these aren’t flimsy, ride up your bum undies. They come in a variety of lengths, but these briefs are great for those Zoom calls on hot days. No one knows you aren’t wearing pants if you don’t stand up!

HOMOCO’s Travel Tees

I’m new to HOMOCO but with a serious case of wanderlust brewing inside, I love these 100% cotton travel tees with the names of LGBTQ destinations like Fire Island and P-Town.

Stuzo Clothing’s Boihood Sweatshirt

This gender-neutral clothier is based in Los Angeles and has some really fierce clothes. Dip into the softness and chic-ness of this Boihood sweatshirt, because sometimes we have to look our best even while still being comfy.

Flavnt Streetwear’s Trans Inclusive tee

Flavnt is owned by a queer brother-sister team out of Austin, who have some really fun and funky styles and statement tees. Their Trans Inclusive design is a symbol to all that trans rights are human rights.

Wildfang’s Ultimate Fleece Boxy Crew

You know I had to bring some pink into the mix! You had me at “fleece” and stole my heart with “boxy” Wildfang. While I would love Wildfang to continue to expand their sizing, styles like this one make it easier to shop there as a plus-sized person.

Rebirth Garment's Shiny Unisex Panties

Ok, so who said comfy can’t also be cute and sexy. Like these gold lame and pink panties that come with a cotton crotch or a full power netting for easier tucking ability. Rebirth is so size-inclusive that they actually make these custom for you. Rebirth’s mission is “Gender Non-Conforming Lingerie for All Bodies” which is something we can all get behind.

Pride Sock’s Business Casual

My wife loves Pride Socks, from their comfy design to their colorful statements. So, this one’s for you, baby. Your tootsies deserve some love right now, so slip on a pair of these and kick up your heels.

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