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Queer-owned Kokak Chocolates celebrates Pride & their first anniversary with something delicious

In the heart of San Francisco's Castro neighborhood is the queer-owned Kokak Chocolates. Owner and chocolatier Carol Gancia specializes in small batch artisanal chocolates and tropical-inspired truffles. To celebrate her first year in business, and of course, Pride month, Gancia has released the special "Love is Love Pride Truffle Box" and "Out and Proud SF Pride Truffle Collection".

The Love is Love Box includes those signature tropical flavors including Passion Fruit and Hazelnut Gianduja Prailine, decorated with pride colors. ($24.95)

If you want a bigger sampling, go for the Out and Proud SF Collection, which includes the above flavors plus Peanut Marshmallow and my personal favorite, Banana Caramel. ($41.95)

Kokak was kind enough to send me a box and it was indeed a special treat. Perfectly tempered chocolates that even stood the test of the South Carolina heat! (Keep an eye on tracking though, so your chocolates don't start to melt in the mailbox.)

You can order online and Kokak will ship in the continental United States. You can also add a personal note to share your Pride. Perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life, plus you're supporting a queer-owned business. Happy Pride!

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