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Queer People You'll Love: Actor Emily Goss steals the show

Actor Emily Goss is one of those people who radiate a special something. While I had seen her stand out performance in 2018's Snapshots, I had to pleasure of meeting Emily in person a year later at ClexaCon. By then, we both knew of each other in the way one does in the small queer world of media. However, when we did connect face to face, Emily greeted me like an old friend, introducing me to all the other new people she had met that day. Since then, Emily has starred in a number of projects, solidifying her place in fans' hearts as an empathetic and authentic presence in queer projects. Get to know Emily Goss, I guarantee, you'll be glad you did.

Queer Media Matters: Emily, tell us a little bit about yourself to kick things off.

Emily Goss: Isn't this the most intimidating question?! I grew up close to San Francisco. I love living in Los Angeles. I'm half Italian. I'm a good cook, a so-so baker.

Emily Goss and Shannon Collis in Snapshots

QMM: You first popped onto many queer fans’ radars when you played the utterly charming Louise in the movie Snapshots. What was your experience like that film and really developing a queer fanbase?

EG: Snapshots was just the best. I've been lucky to work on a lot of mighty independent films with female directors, wonderful casts, and talented crews. Snapshots was one of those. It was also the first time I got to work with an actor like Piper Laurie, someone with such a long and legendary career. It was a total surprise to be at ClexaCon in 2019 and to have people come up to me and tell me how much Snapshots meant to them. Queer fans are so generous and eager to share their experiences. That's one of the things that makes them so special and so fun to connect with.

QMM: You have fairly recently come out as bisexual yourself and been really open and supportive of queer rep in media. What has that process been like for you?

EG: It's been good! Coming out turned out to be a result of working on queer stories. My sexuality never came up before; it wasn't a thing that mattered. But then people would ask me why I kept playing queer characters. And I was like, well, it's not a coincidence. I had to explain that these characters make sense to me. I get them. I'm like them. Interacting with queer fans has taught me how vitally important authentic, affirming queer representation is. The more I learn about trans issues especially, the more I want to work for positive and nuanced trans representation in the media. Queer representation can save lives or cost lives, truly.

QMM: While many actors feel more comfortable being themselves in public, there’s still some stigma attached. Did you receive any pushback about your decision to come out?

EG: Nope! Thankfully.

QMM: You are one of the stars of the holiday film, Season of Love. If you didn’t already have a huge queer fanbase before, you sure do now! This was a pretty groundbreaking film when it came to queer rep in holiday films. Were you aware of that before you were cast?

EG: I did know it was going to be the first queer women's holiday rom-com, and that was a big deal to me. I was honored to be invited onboard and beyond thrilled to get to work with Christin. I'm still honored I got to be a part of it. Christin Baker, Ashley Arnold, and Danielle Jablonski worked so hard from the outset because the project was important, and their energy inspired all of us, I think. The community we were making Season of Love for was always in our minds.

QMM: As an actor, how have you been coping professionally and personally through the Covid Crisis?

EG: Oof. Good days and bad days. Well, personally, things are good. I'm living with my boyfriend, and I am so grateful we've had each other. He rocks. Professionally... good days and bad days. Sometimes stillness and silence are helpful, clarifying. Sometimes in the absence of everything else, the doubt, insecurity, and fear that you're normally too busy for take over. But getting to make the webseries Dating In Place and share it with people during this time has been an incredible gift. That's been my highlight.

QMM: What’s the series Dating in Place all about?

EG: It's about two women who have met online and are finally going to get together in person when the world shuts down in March 2020. The series is about them and each of their sisters. Marina Rice Bader directed, and Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera wrote, produced, acted - she did SO MUCH for this show. She blows me away. Mandahla Rose and Kari Alison Hodge play our sisters. Virtual DP Paul Bertolino helped us light and shoot the thing. It's comedic and dramatic but ultimately uplifting and fun. Go watch it on OML on Revry! It's free! QMM: When you aren’t acting, what would we find you doing?

You know, I've been doing this big gardening project for the past month. It's time-consuming, so it has that going for it. I also just started Martin Scorsese's series on Fran Lebowitz, Pretend It's A City. She is phenomenal. I need to read her books now.

QMM: Who’s a queer person you admire and want to give a shout out to?

EG: Megan Rapinoe. Her activism, her style, #relationshipgoals, her athleticism, everything.

Follow Emily Goss on Twitter or Instagram.

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