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Serial Box's "Knox" is a queer noir mystery you'll want to investigate

Love podcasts? Love mysteries or speculative fiction? Then you'll want to look into Serial Box's new audio thriller, Knox. Serial Box is the site behind the Orphan Black: The Next Chapter audio sequel, as well as the popular Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire.

Knox was created by a team of writers including K Arsenault Rivera, Brooke Bolander, Gabino Iglesias, and Sunny Moraine and narrated by Pilar Uribe and focuses on Morgan Knox, a queer Afro-Latina detective solving crimes and kicking ass in 1930s Manhattan. As you would expect, a routine investigation unleashes something sinister and Knox has got to get to the root of it...and maybe even with the help of a mysterious lady or two.

The writing in Knox is delightfully gumshoe-ee, without being trite. You fall for Knox herself pretty easily and feel like you're her silent sidekick as she wrestles with her demons and the unexplained against the velvety backdrop of a long-ago New York City.

Knox is perfect for those who love podcasts and audiobooks, especially ones with whip-smart queer women fighting ner do wells while falling for charming women. We're doing a special giveaway too! Check out the Queer Media Matters Twitter for details.

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