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  • Dana Piccoli

Smell like the fabulous queer dreamboat you are with Hayley Kiyoko's debut fragrance, Hue

Is there anything that lesbian icon Hayley Kiyoko can't do? She sings, writes songs, dances, acts, and now, she's a perfumer! Kiyoko has been speaking about this new addition to her already impressive resume with Allure and Vogue. According to Kiyoko, when she was younger, “Every day I would wake up and spray way too much all over my body, and that was my confidence. I knew even if I were to be rejected by a crush or something else outside of my power, I was going to at least smell good, or I was going to be complimented like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you wearing? You smell so good.’ And those were little moments that I lived for, and they were massive moments when I look back.”

Along with famed perfumer Constance Georges-Picot, Kiyoko developed gender-neutral scent Hue, which has "top notes of blood orange, watermelon and freesia unfold into an expressive, feminine heart of blooming peony petals, lychee, rose, and pink magnolia. Warm and cocooning, the background develops into a simple aphrodisiac, as milky undertones of creamy cacao blanc merge with a soft, sensual trail of skin musk." Sold. Seriously, I bought my own bottle the day it was released for pre-order.

As a perfume-nerd, I am super excited to try Hue. I feel very much that fragrance is expressive, and I gravitate to scents like Hue. You want to wear the perfume, not have the perfume wear you! I'll report back when I receive my bottle. You can pre-order your own bottle now at

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