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  • Dana Piccoli

Snowpiercer's lesbian couple found love in a frozen place

Have you been watching TNT's Snowpiecer? Well, if you had, you'd be yelling at me on Twitter about Till and Jinju.

Snowpiecer the series is based loosely on the 2013 film by Bong Joon-ho (who also EP's the series) where global warming had caused a catastrophic weather event, making earth too cold to survive on. This much remains true for the series, but it deviates in serious and pretty compelling ways. Daveed Diggs plays our hero, Layton, a former homicide detective who fought to sneak himself and his wife Zarah (Sheila Vand) aboard the Snowpiercer, a perpetually-moving train created by the mysterious Mr. Wilford. Wilford's right-hand woman, Melanie Cavill (a chilling Jennifer Connelly) runs the train with an iron fist. I won't spoil it for you, but Melanie is much more than she seems. Life on Snowpiercer is divided by classes, from the opulent first-class, comfortable second-class, gritty third-class, and the horrifying conditions on The Tail. "Tailies" as they call themselves, like Layton, snuck on to the train and have been subjected to starvation, cruelty, death, disease, and hard labor. When a third-class passenger is murdered, Layton is brought up from the tail to solve his murder. It's then he begins his plot to rescue his follow Tailies and end their oppression.

Till and Layton

Assigned to help Layton on his case is third-classer Brakeman Bess Till (Mickey Sumner), a former rookie cop from Detroit, who now works as part of the train's security force. At first, Till is cold to Layton, but she soon proves to be a real ally to Layton and his cause. Till is involved in a loving relationship with Head Agricultural Officer Jinju Seong (Susan Park) a gentle and brilliant soul, who lives in second-class and is responsible for the train's delicate eco-system. She's the main reason that after seven-years of circling the globe, there are still fresh strawberries and thriving fish on-board. There are few tender and loving things on Snowpiercer, but Till and Jinju's relationship is one of them. They tumble into bed together, cuddle, eat sushi, laugh, which is a far cry from the realities of life on the train. As Till grows closer to Layton and his cause, she also brings herself closer to the real truth about the train, something Jinju wants to protect her from. So much so that the two get married and Till is bumped up to second-class, though now Jinju is responsible if anything goes awry. And it will. This is Snowpiercer after all.

Things are pretty bleak for the residents of the Snowpiercer. Will Till and Jinju's love be enough to shelter them from the horror and secrets that hide everywhere? We'll have to tune in to find out.

New episodes of Snowpiecer air on Sunday evenings on TNT.

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