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Spooky queer clothes for October's spooky season

So Halloween may be a bust this year, but who says we can't get our spooky on all of October? Here are some fun and scary comfortable items to wear when you are Zooming your colleagues (or just watching horror films at home.)

Spooky Gay Classic Tee by Gay Apparel and Valentine M. Smith

If you are a minimalist gay like me, you'll love this sweet lil gay Jack O Lantern.

Dancing Skeleton Racerback Soft Bra by TomboyX

I've lived on my TomboyX racerbacks this quarantine, and these dancing Skellies are just too cute to pass up.

Ghoulfriends tee by LookHuman

Gal Pals = Tired, Ghoulfriends = Wired.

Nightmare on Elm Street Jesse Tee by DC design

Freddie has nothing on Jesse in NOES2, and Jesse has reached cult and queer icon status over the years.

Reigning Lugosi Unisex Button Up by Creepy

If you love vamps or are just a queer fashionista who loves to button it all the way up, these little Lugosis are too much to pass up. Toss your hair in a top bun, grab a collar chain and you'll be the best-looking ghoul on the block. Carmilla would approve.

Useless Lesbian Vampire tee by Teespring

Speaking of Carmilla, subtlety is overrated.

Elvira Socks by Fright Rags

Elvira has always been an ally and icon, so what better way to honor her frighteningly cool persona than these knit crew socks.

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