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  • Dana Piccoli

"Summerland" looks to be the next lesbian inclusive period piece to capture our aching hearts

The trailer for the upcoming WWII period-piece, Summerland, just dropped this week and it's already catching this queer lady's eye. The film stars Gemma Arterton and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and will be available in theatres and VOD on July 31st.

Here's the synopsis according to IFC: "Alice (Gemma Arterton) is a reclusive writer, resigned to a solitary life on the seaside cliffs of Southern England while World War II rages across the channel. When she opens her front door one day to find she’s to adopt a young London evacuee named Frank, she’s resistant. It’s not long, however, before the two realize they have more in common in their pasts than Alice had assumed. Gemma Arterton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Tom Courtenay star in this intensely emotional story of love’s endurance in trying times."

What's interesting to me is that a portion of the film is looking back at the love story between Arterton's character Alice and Mbatha-Raw's character, who for the time being is still nameless based on IMDB research. This is not mentioned at all in the synopsis, but the trailer features flashbacks of the two women, and Alice talking about her lost love with the young Frank. This would have been a massive deal back in the 40s, and hopefully, future press for the film will address this important part of the story. Nonetheless, Gugu Mbatha-Raw could read the back of a cereal box and I'd pay for it.

Summerland will be in theatres and VOD on July 31st.

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