• Dana Piccoli

Tegan and Sara are here to queer our ears and eyes with a new music video and special

Lesbian rockers and twin sisters Tegan and Sara have been keeping themselves quite busy during this quarantine. Budding horticulturist Sara Quin has an Instagram Live show all about her garden called "Where Does the Good Grow?" an homage on their popular song, "Where Does the Good Go?" The sisters have produced some fun new merch, including masks (of course) and a t-shirt subscription, including their limited edition 2020 Cancelled Tour shirts.

While their iconic hairstyles continue to amaze us (the mullets are back!), especially since we're all probably longing for a haircut, they have also created something new for fans to delight in while we're all stuck in our houses longing for those Hearthrob days. The video special for "I Know I'm Not the Only One" from their 2019 album Hey, I'm Just Like You was released just moments ago on Youtube. Check it out.

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