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"The Gay Agenda" is a colorful and thoughtful look at LGBTQ culture and community over the years

"The Gay Agenda" is a term that has often been used by detractors of the LGBTQ+ movement, but authors and illustrators (and Insta-famous couple) Chess Needham (he/him) and Ashley Molesso (she/her) have taken the term and filled it with light and love.

The artists were first approached by an agent on their Insta, where they have a stationery and art page, and were offered the chance to create an illustrated book on any topic they wanted. Chess and Ash chose LGBTQ culture and history, and the result is the Harper Collins published book, The Gay Agenda. It's the kind of book any queer would be proud to display in their home, and uses art and illustration to tell the story of our community, from Ancient Greece to Pose.

The book is artfully made and thoughtfully researched and gives bite-sized and sometimes larger descriptions of the important moments and people who have made a difference for the LGBTQ+ community. Following the historical tour, there's an entire informational section all about identity, sexuality, dating, flags, and more. The Gay Agenda is strikingly comprehensive for an illustrated book, and clocks in at 170 pages of glorious goodness.

You can buy The Gay Agenda from your local bookseller or online sites like Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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