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The "Tasty Pride" Cookbook is a delicious way to celebrate the LGBTQ community

Food brings us together. It fills our stomachs and our souls. And now, especially when we are home more than ever, cooking delicious and nourishing meals has become even more important.

If you spend any time on Facebook or visiting Buzzfeed, you've no doubt seen the countless videos by Tasty, the culinary division of Buzzfeed. These expertly made vids have had a hand in making cooking a little less daunting for beginners and challenged experienced home cooks to push their boundaries.

Editor Jesse Szewczyk has been leading that charge at Buzzfeed, and this summer has curated a cookbook that includes recipes from professional LGBTQ chefs and foodies alike. Tasty Pride: 75 Recipes and Stories From the Queer Food Community (Penguin/RandomHouse) includes contributions from folks like Top Chef finalists Melissa King and Tiffani Faison, food writer Ricky Martinez, celezbrity Hannah Hart, and even actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Recipes range from yummy yet simple like Kia Damon's Jerk Roasted Chick Peas to more complex recipes like Alex Koones' Everything Bagel Beignets.

Everything Bagel Beignets (Source: Penguin/Random House)

As a moderately skilled home chef, these recipes are quite approachable, and for the most part, affordable to make. No need to run out (with your mask on) and purchase a bunch of high-end ingredients. Most recipes utilize fresh fruits, veggies, meats and seafood, and pantry staples. There are also a number of meatless meals or those that can be altered to make them meatless as well. Another thing to love about this cookbook is it's not the typical rainbow, edible glitter-covered food we have come to associate with Pride. These recipes come from LGBTQ people's hearts, and sometimes even their family recipes. Who needs all that food coloring when you can actually take part in the legacy of queer food.

Saffron and Pistachio Shortbread Cookies (Source: Penguin/Random House)

Pride is different this year, but there are so many ways we can celebrate from our homes, and the Tasty Cookbook takes the cake if you love being in your kitchen.

Pick up Tasty Pride: 75 Recipes and Stories From the Queer Food Community wherever you buy books.

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